Hear It From Me

I was never a painter. The fact is the only thing I could draw with absolute certainty was breath. There were times I almost failed too.

Less than 1 year ago I experienced another of a series of Phenomena unfolding in my life. I discovered the unannounced gift of being able to paint, draw and identify organic patterns or parts to distinct wholes.


I could now draw , sculpt and create vivid manifestations through art with faces, abstractions and patterns. Mostly are anything but stark to others. 

That was a couple of months before I woke up and could improvise while blindfolded, compose on and play the piano with expert level competency.

I was honestly in doubt about the validity of my perception and the sanity of the claim. Without the mortar of legitimate precedence or a common standard to leverage in my logic based struggle about what happened. Why it happened. And why it is that I can't stop creating what it is that I keep making.


That's exactly why, I think, I Art.  

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