Ancient Alchemy - Part 1 - The Serapeium

Imagine transporting 1 solid Granite object that weighs 100 tons. That’s the average weight of a locomotive engine or an above average sized, eco-friendlier, killer whale.

With all our modern perceived might and means, what would it take to physically transport 24 of these objects to a destination 600 miles away? Across unpaved desert terrain without technologies such as the wheel?

Once at their destination, the granite sculpture would need to be taken underground, maneuvered through the tight tunnels of a labyrinth, with little room to spare on either side for any supposed manpower or equipment. The rectangular shaped 100 Ton riddle is then finally lowered yet again at its eternal resting place in a designated underground home.

FACT: This undertaking was successfully executed over 3,400 years ago.

For an unknown purpose and by unimaginable means, the Ancient Egyptians undertook this task and built the underground "Serapeum" next to the Sakkarra Pyramids. We, the modern world, have not yet been able to fully understand nor explain exactly how and why the 24 massive objects were transported to the site and installed in their notches.

Inside the Serapeum. Drawing by Paul Lucas, the great collector of antiquities for Louis XIV, who travelled to Saqqara in 1700.

The first mention tied to the Serapeum was by Herodotus (c. 485-430 B.C.) Nicknamed the "Father of History" for his writings on various nations.

Herodotus is the author of the first comprehensive history of Egypt in which he tells us:

“The belief of the Egyptians is that a flash of lightning descends upon a creature and makes it receive Apis.

It was said that every child who felt the breath of the Apis then had the ability to predict the future. Thus, people crowded round him. In fact, Apis himself was consulted as an oracle.”

Herodotus goes on to describe the one chosen as the Ka, or Apis “He was also revered because in the afterlife, anyone who was under his protection had control over the four winds.

The Ancient Egyptian Priests scoured the whole country to find such a “calf” (person). Once he was found, he was carried down the Nile to Memphis by boat, housed in a magnificent golden cabin.

A seven-day feast was held to mark “his” entry into the temple of Serapis, after which he had an easy life, with tasty delicacies and priests in his service.

But why make a casket which that weighs a staggering 100 tons? The lid alone weighs a stunning 30 tons.

Think outside the box.

I found that since it was discovered some years ago, the workmen repairing the corridors of the Serapeum were exposed to breathing excessive doses of radon and sadly got Cancer.

Radon is a chemical element (gas) with the symbol Rn and atomic number 86. It is a radioactive, colorless, odorless, tasteless noble gas. It occurs naturally in minute quantities and can be found in lower lying areas because it has a very high density.

Having laid these facts out, here is my theory on what these Granite paradoxes are for.

The material of these sculptured objects is Granite, which is an igneous rock with about 60 percent Quartz. Under Pressure, the Quartz molecules produce an electrical reaction. Minerals with this ability are called piezoelectric.

This electrical reaction can be created by applying a charge, physical stress, or heat.

In this case, the 30 Ton Lid of the100 Granite sculpture would be applying immense pressure on the 70 Ton lower section. Our knowledge of matter tells us that this would Generate both, an electrical current and ultra-sonic waves.

When a specially cut piezoelectric quartz crystal is compressed, the crystal becomes electrically charged and an electric current is generated: the greater the pressure, the greater the electric current. ... When such a current is applied to the crystal, ultrasonic waves are produced.

Let’s make sure we are on the same page about what is happening here just by putting these facts together.
A- Within the Underground Labyrinth there is an abundance of Radon Gas (28.83mSv/year instead of the maximum of 10mSv/year)
B- 24 Granite objects, 100 tons each, that are reacting naturally to their induced by design structural pressure and in turn generating an Electrical Current and Ultrasonic Waves.

Why were they creating this set of enlightened and very advanced circumstances?

That’s for another day. Soon.

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