Love in a Nutshell

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

We are all blind, in the dark. Our default is to continually blink in and out of our subjective reality, autonomously and with little to no mindfulness.

Humans blink an average of 15-20 times per minute. The average blink is about 350 milli-seconds. That means on average our eyes are shut for a total of about 6 seconds per minute. That’s 10 percent of each minute. And to complete the sequence, this means in any given hour the average person has their eyes shut, in darkness, for 6 minutes every hour.

Most of us are awake for a little over 15 hours or so on weekdays, which translates into a daily blindness time of 90 minutes.

On an average day, there is an hour and 30 minutes when we are not able to see and perhaps not able to confirm that everything is still there when we do blink.

Some studies (Smithsonian 2012) have even indicated that blinking is more than an automated function enabling eye lubrication. They’ve shown that the process of blinking is more predictable, with shared unconscious triggers and provides for micro breaks or rests in intake of visual stimuli enabling better focus.

Is there nothing that we could miss during this re-occurring 350ms visual black out that we all share. What could we miss in the blink of an eye?

The typical micro expression can last anywhere between 1/30 of a second to .5 second. Micro expressions are facial expressions which are involuntary and are a response to usually fast processing of emotional states and unannounced feelings. Despite being a proven scientific fact, these micro expressions are mostly discarded, missed and dis-missed by most people. In a brave new world where a sudden abundance of unregulated communication channels, languages and cultures, reading this one common intrinsic language could be a powerful communication tool if approached as such.

This may sound challenging with the default blink function being switched on, but it is not. Just as micro-expressions are an automated function of the mind to express itself; we come with a built-in receptor that picks up and assembles these tidbits of instinctual language in the form of a feeling. That feeling may well have been our main source of understanding each other earlier on our evolutionary timeline.

If hate is the absence of sight, Love is the radiant occupation of light.

Love can reflect, refract, be blinding, it is a spectrum of which we can sense very little and certainly nothing matches the speed of any action emanating from love

It is a constant.

However, love can be sustained and minimally alive being encapsuled in a dimly lit, moisture regulated cigar-box-like environment in what resembles a cryogenic state. Mostly maintained and kept as a trophy pet that’s taken out for show and tell during social events, family gatherings and the occasional nostalgic flashback story your best friend recites for the billionth time.

We blink away feelings like love that venture out like selfless renegades that escaped from the cells of our hidden feelings, seeking light, enlightenment and communication. We can entangle without the dulling use of the tongue twisted vague opacity of our synthetically manufactured words.

And just like light, Love, doesn’t blink.

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