The Mag-Pied Piper

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Germany, Middle ages – 5th Century.

A stranger dressed in a multicolored outfit is said to have been commissioned by a small town to rid it of a terrible Rat infestation problem, for a fee.

The Stranger fulfills his end of the agreement by playing a melody on his “Magic” flute as he marched through the town. His music he played attracted all the unwanted rats to follow him out of the town. Notice he didn’t kill the rats, just relocated them in the earlier versions.

The story goes on to describe how, once liberated from their burden, the town decided they wouldn’t pay him as promised, hence purposefully defaulting on their end of the agreement.

As “payback” or in return, the Piper once again walked the streets of the small German town, playing his flute luring the community’s children away from their homes. A bit extreme I think.

This tale did not have the usual happily ever after. Not what one would expect. Ironically, this inspired my curiosity.

Is it not plausible for our human ancestors to be so deceitful? Is the piper’s extreme retribution against injustice a novel concept?

So, for this tale to be plausible we would need to show:

- A Plausible theory to illustrate how the Piper’s flute could have theoretically functioned, as described

- Ample historical precedence to the described deception & retribution

In search for precedence, the journey is instantly rewarding once we apply a cross referencing filter. A multitude of myths, beliefs and tales come into focus within the wealth of aging pages that continue to feed the now obese “Book of mis-guided, indiscriminatory knee jerk actions/reactions – A multi-faceted Chronicle of the Humanity’s lost Race”

Next, examine the technical requirements and necessary features for such an instrument to exist. Is there a way it could have been done?

Could musical notes or pitch/frequency produced with a flute like instrument have influence rats then humans to act a certain way against their will? If so, how?

Cue the Sonic Screwdriver! (A Dr. Who Fan’s Inside Joke)


- As with all musical instruments, when engaged, the flute generates its intrinsic frequencies in the form of sound waves intertwined with sequences of tempo conscious silences in between. However the melody played would need to effectively resonate with and Influence the actions of lifeforms regardless of species.

- So, for this to work, the Piper must have had an insight beyond intuition into our flawed perception of the universal essence, wave function and effect on the building blocks of us as lifeforms.

- The Pied Stranger not only seems to possess an irreverent, fashion forward taste in wardrobe, he is in command of a universal wisdom, a form of evolved enlightenment.

- Comparing the irrefutable sad state of our race’s unripe consciousness to that of the Piper’s unquestionable display of insight and enlightenment would not prove flattering to our kind should we use similar metrics in our comparrison.

- Nevertheless, we must.

- Envision a lightly wooded area, where 2 wild birds walk side by side in a clearing. One of the birds, the bigger one is making more noise while skipping merrily over the endless adjoined wooden planks between the rusty steel tracks.

- The other bird, a very reserved, different looking smaller bird follows impatiently outside the perceived confinement of parallel train tracks.

- Oblivious to the spectrum of meanings potentially encrypted within a mere whistle, the turkey gobbles in an automated response to an approaching, ominous whistling sound.

- Meanwhile, an intuitive more sophisticated bird, the Magpie, cautiously overlooks the scene and prepares for the inevitability of the bountiful meal to come.

How can a wave lock then unlock so much knowledge, alter the destiny of a Race through unquestionable powers of persuasion?

Per definition, a function of waves is the transfer of energy through travelling in a medium from one location to another…

Brain Waves

Ocean waves

Sound Waves

Light waves

Radio waves

But what exactly, is a wave?

It is a phenomenon, a happening that’s described as a disturbance that travels through a medium. A Wave is characterized by frequency, wavelength, and amplitude.

(When describing a wave, frequency means the number of peaks which pass a stationary point in a given amount of time)

Here is how we calculate frequency (HZ):

In the span of 60 seconds, if the Queen of England were to Wave 60 times at her loyal, yet consciously uninspired remaining Fans, we calculate the Queen’s Frequency -

60 wave cycles / by 60 seconds = 1.0 HZ (unit measuring Frequency)

(note: Upon reflecting on this scenario through a Buddhist aperture, I found it funny that her Highness is really waving and smiling at herself as are the subjects)

Now, take a look around you. Whatever it is you are seeing, is a product of waves. Light waves.

We built our entire reality and existence based on the properties of light, the cycles of light and even the constant speed of light.

Light is constantly traveling, constantly at the same speed, reflecting, refracting and carrying an infinite wealth of encrypted information that’s absorbed by our retina; reassembled in the windmills of our minds, then interpreted to become what we need our reality to look like. At that time.

Can now we expand our perception of wave properties and functionalities to include the transfer of knowledge, information and perhaps matter?

Could waves create the holy grail of enlightenment? A two way umbilical cord for divine knowledge, an indicator for the status of our consciousness, sending its feedback of our experiences and current perceptions of reality – eventually triggering the next evolutionary leap of our consciousness.

In conclusion, our 5th Century German cousins would have been more frugal and strategic in their fiscal administration.

In one, of an infinite spectrum of ideal realities, our tale's scenarios could have alternatively unfolded as follows:

The town was primed to receive and house the next piece of the enlightenment puzzle. Hence, as an exceptionally advanced culture, they are endowed with an insatiable hunger for truth and knowledge.

In-fact, in this particular alternate reality, the people of the town paid Mr. Piper twice over what they owed.

In return, the now revered Mag-Pied Piper would:

Promptly purge the infestation of ignorance from their minds through the teachings of his knowledge. Once done, leave their town, forever

To assimilate our form of infinite chaos into a harmonic submissive composition that’s characterized by order, is to God.

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