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Updated: Oct 22, 2020

An un-earth outsider's read.

The Human race. One species.

They all eat from the same trough of trees that apple.

They spawn from the same womb of an orbiting earth, that peoples.

Silently, in space.

They are cycled and recycled.

Humans are self-declared orphans. They crawl on the outer belly of their mother refusing to acknowledge her, while feeding off of her unconditional flow of patience.

She has aspirations for an understanding of kin.

Humans cling and claw at their alienated mother, bound close enough to have no broad perspective to sum the parts. A failure to see earth as an individual, an entity. Blind to the fading color of her eyes indifferent to the telling melancholy expression, on her face.

This race is small in form and possess some consciousness.

It is inarguably paradoxical how the species have, over time, constructed a non-negotiable reality that’s based on a frail set of senses with robust limitations.

They are hence effortlessly deceivable, by nature.

Here lives a species that’s afraid of looking inward, so they point outward.

This species holds the belief that the answer is outside, when in actuality their question came from the source of all answers.

Here lives a species that is afraid to look inward so looks outward.

This “race” would rather venture out to space for a handful of moon dust, than attend to the falling ashes of their own “species”.

In terms of collective resources and advocacy:

They prefer Curing Meat to Curing Cancer.

Perhaps they relate.

If Cancer was aware that its own survival depended on the health of its host, it would never kill them. The nature of things is to preserve its own existence.

On Earth, Science is curated by a handful of well-intentioned administrators whose contagious sense of anxiety clogs and dismantles any signs of organic blooms in the evolution of perception.

They discard that which does not garnish the existing status quo of human understanding at a given moment in time.

I wonder if humans were not endowed with the sense of vision, and everything had no color. If all were born blind, what sense would they have discriminated against in the absence of light? Would there be a new form of racism?

Once born, they’re baptized in pre-ordained assembly line system of schools that teach the economically viable, traditional and unquestionable understanding of reality. Providing no room for a new foundation to rise.

Perhaps doing so on purpose.

Ego gets in the way of re-ordering Humanity's perception of dominance within the hierarchy of life.

Strikingly primitive, this species perceives danger more threatening from a bigger physical mass than smaller ones.

Ironically oblivions, they are exterminated on a daily basis by relatively microscopic creatures that they cannot sense, until the damage to their physical body is done.

Handicapped by senses, they invented supplementary artificial imaging amplifiers that include them in their narrow perception of reality.

Even the word cell used to describe the basic structural, functional, and biological unit;

Cell: room in a prison

Perhaps it’s an egotistical sense of grandeur that makes this race what it has become. It could also be that they evaluate the complexity and worth of organisms by the number of cells housed in its body.

They believe an Amoeba lacks everything that fuels the birth of the consciousness that they possess. Failing to carry this analogy past their existence and onto their host. Earth.

If they did, they would know earth, a mother whose children have disowned her, denied her birthright of consciousness and her gift of life. Unconditionally, she mothers. She forgives, forgets and will die, shortly before her children, when the time comes.

They race the wrong way, to the start line.

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