The Some of the Parts

Updated: Oct 23, 2020


What if one of the 1’s is bigger or smaller than the other “1”? What if either 1 is a nihilist?

Why isn’t it understood to be as equally true that 1+1 can also =1?

Just a bigger one than the ones that came together to make it. Maybe a more complete 1.

We are taught that one cup of water plus one cup of water = 2 cups. Ok, but isn’t the sum really 1 cup, just a different one with a more accommodating size? Couldn’t all water be considered in one bigger cup by means of gravity, atmosphere and Planetary Cup?

Could the use of Math not neatly add up unless processed through a very egocentrically over-nutritious, commercially viable microscope?

For example, we refer to our planet as earth. Despite knowing that it’s made of so many other things, much of which is either fire or water. Actually, surface area wise, our planet is mostly non earth, 71 percent is water under which 80 percent of the planet’s life exists.

It is also notable that 99 percent of the living space on the planet is under water. We have explored 10 percent of that inner space. Still excited about a moon landing?

Admittedly, to live on a Planet called “Water” would make us feel less in a leading role and classifying life here as being more about all creatures, especially ones living in the water, not us. Obviously, that is not complimentary to us or to our rapidly over inflated self-image.

Our generalized and un-questioned assumption of one apple plus another of an inevitably different mass, texture, smell, age and color apple is equal to 2 can be viewed as absurd.

Do we then need a qualitative and quantitative “standardization” of Apple?

Furthermore, things get especially muddy after I eat both apples. They are now considered just apple in my belly and loose the quantitative numerical labeling once they can no longer be of any potential use to us!

Math seems to be designed to accounts for commercial/barter purposes, up until the point of satisfaction, consumption or need saturation. Once the process is complete, in its various metaphoric applications, our Math stops caring, proportionately and inversely to the absorption process.

What if our day to day math is a non-sustaining un-scalable single page in a universal beginners edition book within a series of levels in an infinite library. If that is the case, it would be foolish to use the “page” as a foundation to build on in terms of our next evolution of consciousness.

I believe that maybe, in an infinite universe of possibilities, there lives at least one other way to account for things that is as valid but not as materially/commercially oriented.

Quantitative in a more sophisticated sense with a more abstract selflessness and a poetically eloquent purpose.

A Math necessary for an existentialistic revolution triggering our next deliberate evolution.

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